PCSX2 Bios

We are offering very reliable PCSX2 BIOS that you can download. No need to find the files elsewhere. Just click on the BIOS to save the file on your computer. Use . ZIP or . Rar to download the rar or Zip file on your computer, laptop or tablet. Extract the files.

You might have heard a lot of buzz about PCSX2, one of the most renowned emulators, broomed with the latest plugins to run all games of Playstation 2. Incredibly smart intelligence was paired up with the development to increase the game compatibility with this emulator. It comes with tons of personal built-in plugin-ins, which can be altered and customized according to personal requirements.

PCSX2 BIOS Download

PCSX2 cannot be paired up with a low-end laptop and computer device or may face lag in the game’s performance. You may need a high-quality computer or tablet in order to use this emulator. Moreover, many games recommend using a gamepad with the device for the PS2 games that you run through it.

Download PCSX2 BIOS

There’s an official website to download PCSX2 Bios from. No better version of the emulator can be found elsewhere on the internet. However, the only downtime is that the file you will get from the official website may not be up to date. The customer support is not really co-operative to follow up on your request for any update regarding any obsolete file. You can still download the latest version of PCSX2 Bios from the page to execute on your computer.

There have been many PlayStation 2 Emulators throughout history; each came with its sets of plugs-in and features. The emulation module is somewhat similar to the one used in tons of emulators designed for PlayStation 1 and N64.

Since you get an emulator and the plugins you need not download any additional plugin else from where. There might be some plug-ins available already which include but are not limited to The graphic Plugin, the Controller Plugin, The sound plugin, The USB plugin, The hard disk plugin, and couple more plugins for USB, firewire, Ethernet and CD or DVD.

In case you need an extra plugin, you can find it easily on the internet. Pair it up with PCSX2 easily without having to do any manual modifications to the files.

You cannot make PCSX2 run on its own without configuring it with Bios. In general, BIOS is an important file you need to boot any PlayStation 2 game. You don’t get it along with the emulator itself, so you should download it separately.

Install PCSX2 Bios

  • First off, you need to download any version of PCSX2 on the system, whether it be in zip or rar file, extract it to run it.
  • Double click on the EXE file and choose the components.
  • Read the terms and rules, checkmark the agreed option.
  • Once you do it, the installation of PCSX2 will be completed.

Configure PCSX2 BIOS

  • After completing the setup of PCSX2, you need to run it by double-clicking on the exe file.
  • On the installation wizard you will see a big list of programs, open PCSX2 here.
  • The screen will display a welcome configuring screen, read it and tap on “next”.
  • You may also see all the plugins that your PCSX2 is packed with, just pay attention to the review. At this point no action is required.
  • The next screen will display BIOS.
  • Click on Open in Explorer.
  • You will be directed to a page stating, “This path does not exist. Create it?”. Click on Create.
  • It will let you open the file from the computer.
  • Locate the folder where you have downloaded the BIOS, if you don’t have the file, download it from our server.
  • Unzip the folder and save it.
  • Now go back to the Configuration screen of PCSX3 and you will see the options of different countries such as Europe, Japan, and USA.
  • Click on any country.
  • Hurray! Your PCSX2 has been installed.


You can go to the config option to choose the controllers of your choice. Choose either a gamepad or keyboard it is all up to to you.
By clicking on Config you can also make settings for either 1 Player or 2 Players. Pad 1 means one Player and Pad 2 means two players.
You will see more controls that you need to set on your Pad 1 and Pad 2; configure the options according to your liking. Press ok when you are done.

Download PCSX2 BIOS